anna kendrick is bae


 (originals from Remix Magazine - December 2011) color my edit on PS CC

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Drugs Under The Microscope


I think this picture as a whole represents how I imagine anon hate







anna kendrick was literally a foetus when she was nominated for her tony award, I don’t get how people can use that as justification that she can sing

Y’all can judge on her being in a lot of movie-musicals but I’m just gonna say she was offered these roles and did not…

I don’t look down on movie musicals or care that it wasn’t her plan, I’m not blaming her I’m blaming the casting directors lol

Also I never tag anything bad about her so it is really necessary to jump in on posts with this stuff every time I mention her

Well then… what’s with the “stop casting Anna Kendrick in movie musicals!!” “She can’t sing” & “She can barely act” ?!

I’ve got nothing against movie musicals, just Anna being in them!! I never wanted to slam your fave so I’m sorry if I’m coming across as really rude, I just don’t like her I’m sorry

That was easy! And that’s okay too! Can’t control who you like & dislike right?